HI-MAX UK is the exclusive representative in Great Britain of the Chinese company  HI-MAX, which produces hand-held, canister, photo & video torches, chargers, rechargeable batteries, and other products for active people, with particular emphasis on active underwater.

   The HI-MAX company has representatives in such countries as the USA, Australia, South Korea, Poland, France, Italy, and many others ... Recently also in Great Britain. We really care that the flashlights we offer you become more and more perfect and are more and more suited to the preferences of European divers. That is why we listen carefully to the opinions of our flashlight users about their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, each of our flashlights, before it goes on sale, undergoes a several-month series of tests, carried out by experienced divers who have wide freedom in terms of their modernization. In a word: We don't know better :)

   The goal of HI-MAX UK is to offer our customers products with an above-average quality/price ratio so that diving lighting and thus diving becomes available to everyone.

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