HI-MAX V16 2000lumen Diving Video Led Light Cree XM-L2 U2*3 LED 100M Depth
V16 Seahorse photo/video flashlight
V16 Seahorse is a flashlight carefully designed for the expectations of domestic divers. It has been specifically designed for the high demand of a small, powerful and above all inexpensive photo/video flashlight. V16 Seahorse has a wide beam angle of 120° and a lighting power of 2000 lumen, generated from 3 XML2 LEDs.
The optimal configuration for illuminating photo / video frames is the use of 2 pieces of this type of flashlight, which in turn will result in an even distribution of light and translate into the quality of underwater photos. In this configuration, the diver has 4000 lumens, which are really good. V16 Seahorse works with a gradual power drop (100-65%) for about 65 minutes, which is quite sufficient for most dive film/photography sessions. It is powered by one 26650 rechargeable battery (the HI-MAX 26650, 4000 mAh, PCB battery was used to measure the given operating time).
The switch on the V16 Seahorse is a 0/50/100% rotary switch (0/1000 / 2000lm). Operation the torch has been made easier by adding to the rotary ring with a distinct thickening that can be felt through wet and dry gloves. The maximum operating depth of V16 Seahorse is 100m, this is because the torch is equipped with two nitrile o-rings, which also has a coating of an anti-corrosion substance in case of using V16 Seahorse in chemically aggressive environments. High light power, small in size, very light weight, wide lighting frame and affordability make the V16 Seahorse a fantastic flashlight for enthusiasts of underwater videography and photography.
Paking list :
1x V16 Seahorse flashlight 1x ball joint (coming soon, YS joint as an option)
1x 18650/26650/32650 charger
1x HI-MAX 26650 rechargeable battery  4000 mAh PCB
1x lanyard
1x spare o-rings
1x case to accommodate all of the above
Do not shine the flashlight directly in the eyes. This can cause serious health complications. The flashlight uses a strobe light. Some people may experience epileptic seizures if they are exposed to certain frequencies of light, flickering light or certain light patterns.



flashlight have 24 MONTHS WARRANTY.

Service supported in the UK

During the service, a replacement unit is possible

so that you can still enjoy diving.


HI-MAX V16 2000lumen Diving Video Led Light Cree XM-L2 U2*3 LED 100M Depth

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