V17 set HI-MAX foto/video 2200lm, auto-flash-off

V17 - It was also created from a village about those divers who use a camera equipped with a flash underwater. 2200lm photo/video flashlight with automatic switching off and one of its lights after detecting a flash from a flash.


2 pcs LED CREE XP-L2 U2, 2200Lm, 5500K, 90 °, 65mins-video light 3 pcs. LED CREE XB-D 620 nm N4 - red light 3 pcs. LED CREE XB-D 465 nm N4 - blue light 1 LED, 400 Lm, 5 °, ~ 300 minutes - spotlight 1 pc. Flash detection Body: V17 power efficiency is full of power is a small and neat flashlight. Great for transportation in lots of carry-on luggage. Its length is only 13.2 cm. Weight on the surface with a battery up to 235g (125g underwater). The V17 coating has been hard anodized, which makes it's surface resistant to scratching and abrasion. The back and front parts of the flashlight have been knurled, which makes it easier to unscrew it with a wet hand.

ATTENTION! V17 has been equipped with overheating protection. If the temperature rises dangerously, the power of the flashlight will be lowered automatically.


Two buttons are used to set the operating modes and light strength. Their backlight serves as an indicator of battery charge and flashlight operating modes.

- button 1 - closer to the light source

- button 2 - further from the light source



Press both buttons simultaneously for 1 second, then release them. The buttons light up and the flashlight enters standby mode. Press button no. 1 quickly. The flashlight will turn to video light mode, 100% light power.


Switching off:

Press and hold both buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.


Switching the V17 operating modes:

When V17 is turned on (lit), quick presses of the button No.


Video light → Spot light → Red light

            ↑ ↓

Red + blue light ← Blue light


Light brightness control:

When V17 is turned on (lit), you can switch through 3 levels of light brightness (in any V17 operating mode) by quickly pressing button No.2:


100% → 50% → 25%

↑ ----------------------- ↓


Auto-flash-off function:

When the flashlight is on (lit), press and hold the button No. 2 for 3 seconds. The button backlight will start blinking and the V17 will automatically turn off and on its light after detecting a flash from the flash.


Service function:

With the flashlight off, press and hold both buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. Service mode will be activated. With the button No. 2 you can switch the operating modes:

short flashes → SOS → quick flashes.


Standby function:

When the flashlight is turned on (lit), press and hold the button No. 1 for 2 seconds, the flashlight will enter the standby function. Another 2-second press of the button No. 1 will wake up the flashlight from this function.


Button illumination colors as an indicator of the battery charge level:

100% - 80% blue color

  80% - 30% green

  30% - 5% red

 <5% red, flashing.


flashlight have 24 MONTHS WARRANTY.

Service supported in the UK

During the service, a replacement unit is possible

so that you can still enjoy diving.

V17 set HI-MAX foto/video 2200lm, auto-flash-off

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