HI-MAX V18   foto/video 15000lm, 5600K, CRI(Ra) 95



The HI-MAX V18 lamp is equipped with a Vero 29 pancake LED with a maximum power of the emitted light of 15,000lm. Thanks to the spherical, convex lens, the light beam angle is 140 °. This type of lens, moreover, allows a very even distribution of light over the entire illuminated area. An important parameter of the above-mentioned The diode has a color rendering index of 95CRI (Ra). Body The V18, despite its enormous power of light, is a really compact design. It is perfect for transport in hand luggage. Its length is only 21 cm, which is the same as a medium-sized handheld flashlight. The weight on the surface with the battery is 950g. The V18 coating has been hard anodized, which makes the surface resistant to scratches and abrasion. The rear part of the lamp has been knurled, which makes it easier to unscrew the flashlight with a wet hand.



Press and hold the button for 1 second, then release it - the button itself will be backlit. Then press the button quickly and the lamp will turn on in 100% mode.

Light brightness control:

When the lamp is on, you can switch through 6 levels of light brightness by pressing the button quickly:

100% → 80% → 60% ↑ ↓ 8% ← 20% ← 40%

SOS mode and Strobe mode:

When the lamp is off, press and hold the button for more than 3 seconds - SOS mode will be activated. If you want to switch from SOS mode to Strobe mode, press the button quickly. Button illumination color as battery charge status indicator: 100% - 80% - button illumination in blue 80% - 30% - green button illumination 30% - 5% - button illumination in red less than 5% - flashing red button illumination. At the last level, it is impossible to switch light brightness modes. The lamp is automatically turned off after 10 minutes.

Switching off:

Press and hold the button for approximately 2 seconds. The lamp will turn off. Power: The V18 lamp is powered by a replaceable collective battery with a voltage of 14.4 V and a capacity of 6.8 Ah. It consists of 8 pcs. 18650, 3400mAh, Panasonic batteries. The included 2A charger has a LED indicating the charging process: red - charging, green - charged. Comments: The V18 lamp is equipped with thermal protection. If the V18 is used at a temperature higher than 50 ° C, it will automatically switch to a brightness level of 20%. If the ambient temperature drops below 40 ° C, all light intensity control functions will be automatically restored. Equipment:

- HI-MAX V18 lamp

- 1 "ball joint and YS joint

- 2A charger

- 6.8Ah collective battery (8 pcs. 18650, 3400mAh Panasonic batteries)

- Allen key

- spare o-rings

- transport case

HI-MAX V18 foto/video 15000lm, 5600K, CRI(Ra) 95

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